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Our mission is to bring BOTSIN to you to advance your business, 
achieve Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation

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Robotic Process Automation

We will help companies start their robotic process automation (RPA) journey. With the support we provide, you will be ready to advance in your automation journey.  From proof-of-concept to setting up your Automation Center of Excellence (COE) we will partner with you to get your COE up and running. 

Our expertise is in the leading RPA platforms which include:
Automation Anywhere, UIPath, Blue Prism, Kofax RPA and Power Automate

Business Process Management
Consulting and Enablement

  • Process Discovery

  • Process Library

  • Process Improvement

Cloud Integration

Architect and implement Software-as-a-Service solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds


Specializing in RPA projects related to SAP, SAP-AFI, Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365 and Others

We are situated to help you on projects mentioned below:

  • Invoice Processing

  • Payment Runs

  • Data Migration

  • Document/Invoice Downloads

  • OCR Scanning

  • Excel/Database Manipulations

  • Data Uploads/Downloads

  • Web Scraping

  • Reporting Automation

  • BOT Analytics/Insights


We have capabilities and experience across the RPA services value chain mentioned below:

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Manage

  • Operate

  • Optimize



RPA is not on the roadmap of many businesses yet but will be. Our promise is to be "Your Automation Companion" to enable your digital workers by leveraging our experience in the shared services sector on a global scale. Our aim is to bring the benefits of RPA to your markets.

Industries which may be served:


  • Government

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Financial Institutions

  • Manufacturing

  • Higher Education

  • Airlines

  • Aviation

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • IT

  • Utilities

  • Banking

  • Telecom




BOTSIN LLC can bring to your business leading RPA platforms to advance it. With an experience of over  20 years working in manufacturing, IT, pharma, government fields BOTSIN consulting company is ready and situated to help. We bring years of experience to get your team trained on the tools, set up functionality of Center of Excellence. Initially, we will help you get your first of many process automations and bots started with our assistance. 

We will bring the Bots In to your business to:

  • Make productivity gains

  • Free up employees
  • Increase quality 
  • Speed up processing

Robotic process automation (RPA) is delivering huge savings, increased efficiency, error-free processing, better employee utilization,  and improved performance in several businesses. Software robots or bots are responsible for automation of a collection of tasks which are usually repetitive tasks done by human employees. Thus, these digital workers allow your employees to work on more important tasks.

We can help you identify quick wins and deliver them to you. Also, our strength is to deliver you complex process automations in the shortest period of time.


1211 Colinbrook Circle, Greenwood, IN 46143  Tel: 317-534-2704

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